An overview of Business phone extensions



When a company is using voip call forwarding system which provides the company with cheaper and advanced calling features along-with call conferencing and virtual assistants, VoIP services provide the company with business phone numbers. They are the professional numbers declared as official numbers of the company and by the company. So, extensions are offered by VoIP business phone systems. Extensions are in the form of 1-2-3-4-XX. They are easy to remember. Extensions add a lot of value to effective and customized communication at a small turn-around time and low cost compared to telephonic communication.


Mapping of Extensions into existing phone numbers

Every working member of the company possesses personal and professional phone numbers. Usually, professional phone numbers are listed in the internal directory of the company. By basic company rules, although varying from country to country, professional numbers of the working members of the company aren’t disclosed to the public by the company. So, this leads to extension mapping existing phone numbers. Extensions are mapped into existing personal and professional phones of the working members of the company to save time and eliminate missed communication.

The internal directory is configured in the software for effective mapping. Once they are mapped, incoming calls are redirected into the specific department of the company. This is also done when there are a lot of branches of the company. As VoIP network is a cloud-based private network exchange, it makes it possible for the companies to configure and map the internal directory of the working members of the company working in different geographical locations. The bigger the size of the company, the more extensions the company requires. Usually, 4 digit extensions are used. Nowadays, even 3 digit and 5 digit extensions are used within big companies.


Internal and External usage of Extensions-

1. Virtual extensions: Whenever there is a call made into a business VoIP system; phone extension plays an important role. A virtual receptionist attends the call to redirect the caller into the right department. The virtual receptionist asks the caller to press buttons for further virtual understanding, which eventually leads the caller to the right department. Each department has an internal directory configured to the department-specific group. This eliminates irrelevant calls in the wrong departments. Thus, ensuring faster addressing of all the calls in the right direction.

2. Internal Extensions: As, every working member of the company possesses personal as well as professional phone numbers, it is above said that they aren’t disclosed to the outsiders but at the same time, it is quite difficult to remember personal as well as professional phone numbers of every person working within the company. Even done so, communication isn’t effective as this boosts longer turn-around time. To eliminate this delay, similar departments are provided with similar extensions to ensure quick communication and thus, all the extensions resemble the main business extension number belonging to the same company.



It can be concluded that phone with extensions offers quick, customized and proper communication, both internal and external at cheaper rates adding customer satisfaction ensuring quick addressing of all the queries, doubts, enquiries, complaints, feedbacks and reviews.